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Request to have an appointment

[02 Jul 2020] Note: An appointment to meet the Director General was not received despite the below mail and several telephone calls to the secretarial assistant. Each time called, the secretarial assistant wanted more time to get back.

Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2020 05:29:37 -0000
Subject: Request to have an appointment

Dear Mr. Oshada Senanayake,

Recently I made a complaint titled "Request to block YouTube in Sri Lanka for causing harm to Buddhism" to the TRC. In my point of view, the response I received for the same is not satisfactory. I have also had a telephone conversation about this with Ms. Menaka Pathirana, the Deputy Director Compliance. It is best that I have a discussion regarding the same with you.

Could you please give me an appointment to meet you and discuss about the same? Afternoons and evenings are more convenient to me. If not possible from your end, even mornings are OK.

I appreciate if you can provide me an appointment as soon as possible - even today is OK.

In case you are interested in the background information, some details are available here:

Thank you.

Kamal Wickramanayake