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Duties neglected by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka

Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2020 00:19:41 +0530
Subject: Duties neglected by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka
Cc: "Menaka Pathirana" <>,

Kamal Wickramanayake
No 41/1, Rambukkana Road
Sri Lanka
July 03, 2020

Mr. Kamal Gunaratne
Secretary of Defence
Ministry of Defence
15/5, Baladaksha Mawatha
Colombo 03

Dear Sir,

It is with regret that I write to inform you that the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRC), a public institute that comes under your purview has handled a complaint that I made in an utmost irresponsible manner. While being a public institute, they appear to not honor the powers and duties that they should discharge as per the enforcing Act. Also, they appear to not uphold the Constitution of Sri Lanka. I request that you intervene and make the TRC an institute that well discharges its powers and duties while assisting me with respect to the complaint I made.

My complaint titled "Request to block YouTube in Sri Lanka for causing harm to Buddhism" was sent to the TRC on the 11th of June, 2020. It was sent to the TRC after several attempts to contact the officers at YouTube, a widely known video streaming website. YouTube was not responsive to my requests. Then only I wrote to the TRC. The initial response from the TRC was misleading which erroneously claimed that my complaint was not under the preview of the Commission. A subsequent request for an appointment to meet the Director General to discuss the issue appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

Distorting Buddhism at an accelerated rate is a major problem that many people have been experiencing since the recent past. I myself have written many articles about the same. Platforms like YouTube that do not enforce policies that are compatible with the words of the Lord Buddha provide fuel to those who knowingly or unknowingly distort Buddhism. This is the problem for which I wanted to arrive at a solution by contacting YouTube even though they didn't shown any interest. This is a threat to Buddhism that needs to be eliminated urgently. In case YouTube, which is a foreign entity, does not want to corporate, we as a country need to act to protect Buddhism at least within our perimeter of control. This is where the TRC has a role to play, which unfortunately appears to be disregarded.

Ensuring that the telecommunication services in the country are operated in a manner which will best serve and contribute to its overall economic and social development and advancement is a duty of the TRC. Spiritually developed people are the driving forces behind such economic and social development and advancement. Has the TRC failed to understand that? With Buddhism being let to die out, does the TRC want the citizens of this country to diminish to be like a group of dogs or pigs? And why is that the TRC doesn't appear to honor the Constitution of Sri Lanka which states that protecting and fostering the Buddha Sasana shall be the duty of the State?

I urge you to take action against the irresponsible behavior of the TRC.

Also, please assist me with respect to the complaint I made. I want Buddhism be governed as per the words of the Lord Buddha but not as per the wishes of anyone else.

In case you want to know more about the current state of Buddhism, please visit and read some articles. Many articles show where distortions have happened.

For some details about the communications that I have had related to the complaint I made, please visit .

Thank you.

Kamal Wickramanayake

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